About Us


Over a year ago I met with Anne d’Ieteren, president of the Belgian Paralympic Committee and proposed to work on a common project that would celebrate the Belgian Paralympic Committee.
At Tokyo Games 2020, it will be 60 years that the Paralympic Games exist. They had started in Rome in 1960.
We decided that a diamond brooch would be a great way to mark this anniversary and a wonderful opportunity for people to join the celebration by wearing it proudly on their shirt.

Grunberger Diamonds designed a brooch that symbolizes the three colored symbols of the International Paralympic movement, also represented in the logo of Paralympic Team Belgium, with the meaning “I move”. In our brooch these three symbols have been brought together and are fusing to become one. By creating this brooch we wanted to send out a message of unity: although each athlete fights individually for his, her or their medal title, at the end of the day all athletes are one. No matter the discipline, no matter the handicap, they are all united with one goal in mind:going beyond oneʼ s own limitations and give the best of oneself. As human beings we should all aim and work towards something bigger than ourselves, something we can aspire to. This is what connects us all.All the Belgian Paralympics athletes and their trainers will wear this brooch during the Tokyo Games of 2020.
All proceeds will go to the Belgium Paralympic Committee.

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The Belgian Paralympic Committee follows high level athletes as well as young upcoming athletes. The BPC want to inform society of the different possibilities available in the world of sports and give athletes with handicap the opportunity the practice a sport they love in the best conditions possible.
The BPC reaches out to the different groups with handicap, sportsmen with a physical, visual or mental handicap no matter their level: from sport as hobby to the professional athletes.

Read more about the BPC by going on https://www.paralympic.be/fr